global apparel industry

Each student will make a 7-10 minute presentation to the class using PowerPoint or other software. This should be about a specific topic in international business (related to an industry or a company operating internationally.) It should be an educational presentation to the class that brings the topic alive, and is interesting and entertaining. A great presentation is interesting, informative and entertaining.

(less words more to the point and bullet points & informative)

Summary about apparel industry and how its a impact to the people and the world.

– Global Market Overview

– Market size chart

– top 5 largest apparel brands

– top 5 manufacture garments industry

– import/export tariffs for apparel in different countries and compare

– in which country apparel plays a big role and in economy.

– key facts for global market and vision for apparel industry

– quantity and statistic, graphs and etc

– import youtube video that show the global apparel industry

– Reference…